University of California Small Grains
University of California Small Grains
University of California Small Grains
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University of California Small Grains

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We are an interdisciplinary team of University of California advisors, specialists and faculty. Our purpose is to provide to growers, researchers and industry professionals agronomic guidelines and information related to the production of small grains in California.

Small Grains in California

Small grains include wheat, barley, oats and triticale. Wheat, oats and barley are grown for grain and forage while triticale is primarily grown as forage. Wheat is the predominant small grain crop in California, where it is grown on over 500,000 acres. Although relatively low in value compared to many California crops, small grains serve as important rotation crops. In most regions of the state, small grains are grown from fall through spring, thus making good use of winter rainfall and requiring relatively little irrigation.

UC Small Grains Research and Information

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Chaff Lining using simple plastic guides to funnel chaff into a narrow line. (Photo: Mic Fels) Harvest Weed Seed Control in California: Potential and Limitations
Concerns about a growing resistance to herbicides In Mediterranean or arid climates, particularly in areas with marginal soils, crop rotations are often limited to a narrow range of hay, pasture, a handful of winter legumes, or rainy-season grasses....

Snow geese and Ross's geese foraging in alfalfa hay in the Sacramento Valley, 2021. Photo: Steven Beckley, Woodland, CA Geese Damage to Small Grain Fields
Growers frequently celebrate the presence of wildlife in their alfalfa and grain fields, providing valuable habitat as well as economic returns.   But sometimes it's just too much of a good thing. The sight of thousands of geese foraging in...

Figure 1. Historical (10-year, left) and current (right) seasonal precipitation between 10/1/2020 and 1/31/2021 for California. Access California Weather Data with New Interactive Website
Weather patterns are highly variable across the state of California. They change from year to year and across locations. While parts of the state may be experiencing drought conditions this year (Figure 1), each location can have dramatically different...

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