University of California Small Grains
University of California Small Grains
University of California Small Grains
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University of California Small Grains

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We are an interdisciplinary team of University of California advisors, specialists and faculty. Our purpose is to provide to growers, researchers and industry professionals agronomic guidelines and information related to the production of small grains in California.

Small Grains in California

Small grains include wheat, barley, oats and triticale. Wheat, oats and barley are grown for grain and forage while triticale is primarily grown as forage. Wheat is the predominant small grain crop in California, where it is grown on over 500,000 acres. Although relatively low in value compared to many California crops, small grains serve as important rotation crops. In most regions of the state, small grains are grown from fall through spring, thus making good use of winter rainfall and requiring relatively little irrigation.

UC Small Grains Research and Information

UC-IPM Pest Management Guidelines
For Small Grains

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Durst KM5 Check out UC resources for small grain management in 2021-22
We're off to a good start to the rainfall year! As farmers begin to turn attention to fall-planted small grains, be sure to check out UC's extension resources on the UC Small Grains Research and Information Center and the associated UC Small Grains Blog....

In field demonstration New Tools to Improve N Management in California Small Grain Crops
UC Davis and UC Cooperative Extension are excited to share newly developed tools that optimize nitrogen (N) fertilizer management in wheat and other small grains. The new tools and case studies illustrating how they've been applied in commercial settings...

Davis 2020 21 Trial 2020-21 UC Small Grain Variety Testing Results
Results for the 2020-2021 fall planted UC Small Grain Variety Trials are now available at: Results can be viewed within an interactive environment that summarizes small grain varieties by crop type across...

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