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2019 data now available!

Multi-Year Regional Summary Tool: Produces regional summaries based on 3 years of trial data using statistical techniques that account for incomplete/unbalanced data across multi-season/multi-location trials. These multi-environment summaries are what we recommend using for making variety selection decisions.

Data Exploration Tool: Produces simple statistical summaries of trials on a single trial basis across multiple years. These summaries allow more customized exploration of the data and also provide heat map and biplot figures that allow users to examine genotype x environment patterns in the data.

Both sites have features that allow the user to view, filter and sort information interactively. Be sure to scroll all the way to the right of the tables to see disease and agronomic information. In addition, tables produced at these sites can be downloaded as ‘.csv' files for viewing and manipulation in MS Excel or similar software programs.

For the best experience, we recommend viewing these sites using a laptop or desktop computer with an up-to-date version of Firefox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge web browser (Microsoft Explorer will not work)

Table-formatted 2019 results: Multi-year, regional summaries and 2019 site-specific summaries of relative productivity, quality, disease resistance and agronomic traits for California small grain varieties:

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